Women in Sustainable Employment (WISE) Pathways

WISE Pathways is a FREE career development and exploration program for women developed by HHW Ohio. This 30-hour program brings together community-based organizations, education and training providers, and businesses to create a supportive pathway for women to enter into male-dominated occupations and industries.  WISE Pathways objectives include:

  • Encouraging women to consider careers in high-demand, technical fields where women are often underrepresented 
  • Assist participating women in determining their goals and next steps
  • Ensuring participating women understand how to prepare for interviews, highlight transferable skills on resumes, and navigate mostly male work environments
  • Provide participating women with professional development resources including the development of a personal development plan and resume
  • Connect participating women to the next step in their pathway, whether education, training, or direct employment
  • Connect participating women to free community resources to support their pathway
  • Supporting the City of Cleveland’s Built Environment intiative funded by the Mayor’s Office in partnership with OhioMeansJobs-Cleveland/Cuyahoga County 
WISE Pathways programming starts Tuesday, June 25, 2024. 
Location: 3615 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114  
The Suite number will be announced 2 weeks before programming starts.
Free lot parking with security available 
Programming Days: Tuesdays 6-8 p.m. and  Wednesdays 6-8 p.m. for 8 weeks
Childcare provided during program hours. Free bus passes available. Scholarship opportunities for low or no-cost credential and degree programs. Enrollment support for apprenticeships and other earn-and-learn programs. 


Register for WISE Pathways Cleveland Summer 2024 HERE


Role of HHW Ohio in WISE Pathways:

  • Coordination of community partners
  • Engagement of Role Model Speakers
  • Professional development/speaker training
  • Facilitation of program schedule
  • Network of support for Role Models and participants as they enter and advance in their career

Role of Industry Partner in WISE Pathways:

  • Support recruitment of additional industry colleagues for participation
  • Offer input to customized curricular content including occupational tracks
  • Identify and engage women in your company to serve as Role Model Speakers

Role of Community Partner in WISE Pathways:

  • Provide space for classroom discussion
  • Coordination of wraparound care (transportation, childcare, etc. if needed)
  • Provision of job placement support for cohorts

WISE Pathways Metrics That Matter

Our first WISE Pathways program was a resounding success!

WISE Pathways Communities

Six communities in the State of Ohio are offering WISE Pathways including Cleveland, Lorain County, Mahoning Valley, Portsmouth, Chillocothe, and Dayton. 

Participants Annually

Women of all ages seeking new opportunities and education throughout Ohio


Over 60% of women who went through WISE Pathways earned an industry recognized credential and/or were placed into full time employment within 1 month of completion

Contact us for more information on WISE Pathways.

To bring WISE Pathways to your organization please email info@hhwohio.org or call

(216) 471-8228 x 304.

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