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Women in Sustainable Employment (WISE) Pathways

Wise Pathways is a career exploration course designed for women to explore non-traditional, in-demand jobs in the energy, utilities, public safety, construction and manufacturing, advanced industries, and other skilled careers. Employer engagement is a key component to program success. These educational pathways are directly aligned to careers in the industries served: Energy and Utilities, Public Safety, Construction and Manufacturing. Developed by HHW Ohio, and enhanced through industry partnerships including the Center for Energy Workforce Development (www.cewd.org), the comprehensive forty-hour career exploration and workplace skills development program is comprised of workshops, leadership development training, and a suite of ongoing supportive services tailored to meet the specific needs of women. Curriculum also includes assessments that direct participants to further portable, stackable credentials and training in targeted fields.

Stackable credentials allow participants to determine mastery of core skills and competencies as they work towards their career and professional goals, building from the bottom of the competency pyramid to the top.

Participants will complete a career plan and with the assistance of our employer and community partners, as they are introduced to exciting, in-demand careers right here in our community. WISE Pathways can be completely tailored to a company’s or community partners’ specifications to reflect local in-demand jobs and career pathways.

Role of HHW Ohio in WISE Pathways:

  • Coordination of community partners
  • Engagement of Role Model Speakers
  • Professional development/speaker training
  • Facilitation of program schedule
  • Network of support for Role Models and participants as they enter and advance in their career

Role of Industry Partner in WISE Pathways:

  • Support recruitment of additional industry colleagues for participation
  • Offer input to customized curricular content including occupational tracks
  • Identify and engage women in your company to serve as Role Model Speakers

Role of Community Partner in WISE Pathways:

  • Provide space for classroom discussion
  • Coordination of wraparound care (transportation, childcare, etc. if needed)
  • Provision of job placement support for cohorts

WISE Pathways Metrics That Matter

Our first WISE Pathways program was a resounding success!


From Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Construction and Public Safety


Underemployed women seeking new opportunities and education


Within one week of program end date

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