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Rosie’s Girls Summer Camp

Rosie’s Girls™ summer program helps girls develop grit, connection and expanded possibilities as they explore hands-on STEM- and trades-related activities. HHW OHIO organizes partners to host this high impact summer program for middle school aged girls that uses carpentry and other hands-on activities in a safe, supportive environment where girls take positive risks, learn new skills and expand their recognition of possible futures for their own lives.

Rosie’s Girls ® Summer Camp includes a unique combination of activities that are designed to expose girls to a variety of trades and technical fields, strengthen their own voices, build a sense of community and encourage participants to challenge the expectations our society has for girls and women.

Volunteer Opportunities

Goal of this work: Revitalize Rosie’s Girls in NE Ohio. Tasks include:

  • Familiarize self with Rosie’s Girls national website
  • Recommend / help recruit volunteers to this action team
  • Review the proposed MOU from Vermont Works for Women
  • Host once a month social hour / networking (at location you determine)
  • Create an evite and/or social media invitation that each of us can use to invite people we know
  • Work with leadership to determine the right people to invite to Rosie’s Girls events
  • Out of this, build a volunteer action team to put together a plan for RG 2017
    • Timeline
    • Budget
    • Fundraising / sponsorship ideas

Contact us for more information on hands-on training and Rosie’s Girls

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